Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sarabjit and Sanaullah : Lost Humanity

The quote ‘Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent’ best explains the murders of Sarbajit and Sanaullah.

To think that for some this is how justice is defined is reflective of the state of humanity we are living in and it’s shameful. There is no justification for this attitude.  This mentality is both horrifying and sad.

Countries like India & Pakistan are already facing a plethora of issues and instead of adding to the list, it is better that we look for solutions collectively. Our problems range from the very basic to the extreme complexities. A big percentage of our population doesn’t even have access to the basic necessities of life. Incidents like these are not going to add to the fuel of mistrust and hatred.

‘When one man dies, it’s a tragedy, but when many people die, it’s a statistic’.

It is sad that with all that rage between these two countries, there are a lot of things where we stand at the same level, & the state of human rights in both countries is one such common feature. Neither side can claim that they are the champions of human rights and at times the situation gets really disappointing.

However, in this madness the rays of hope come from individuals within our societies, the small acts of individuals that represent all that is the essence of humanity. This is when the solution becomes clear. The need is for the proper implementation of the laws that are already there for the equal rights and protection of humanity in most of the cases. Like many other things that are there on paper but not practiced, here too the results are painfully obvious.

It is high time that those responsible get their act right, as the stakes are extremely high.     

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